We can really make your life so much easier !

We are a small business dedicated to delivering exceptional European standards and the highest quality in service.

Extramile-Sydney does not work as a platform and we don’t believe in sharing cleaning products and  cleaning equipment.

We want to personally meet you and your home so we can tailor our services to your specific and unique needs.

Exceeding your expectations is what we strive for.

With over four years of experience, dedication and commitment to our clients, delivering premium services.

Extramile-Sydney delivers peace of mind and precious extra time on a regular basis to more than 40 families. We proudly say that we keep working today for more than 95% of our all time clients.

From real housekeeping services, cleaning packs, shopping, taking your car for servicing, to a complete solution of house and car management, you can count on us.

We want to give you time back, so you can focus on the things that are more important to you. 

Thank you for your interest in our services and we look forward to meeting you and making your life so much easier!

See you soon!

-Teresa and Paulo Cardoso-